The Shropshire golfers look out for the birdies

Posted: 27/05/2009

Golfers searching for birdies on the greens of The Shropshire Golf Centre are keeping an eye out for them off-course too after 16 nest boxes were placed around the four courses. 

The next boxes are fixed to trees at various points around the public pay-and-play facility’s three nine-hole courses and par-3 short course, in an attempt to attract more birdlife to the area.
The nestboxes have already proved their worth with a number of bird species setting up home in them, including blue tits.
According to the RSPB many bird species have halved in number over the last 25 years, including some of the UK’s best-known countryside birds. Nest boxes are an excellent way to help increase these numbers, with up to 60 species known to use them. 
James Lever, The Shropshire Golf Centre’s General Manager, said: "Golf courses are an oasis for wildlife and we want to do our bit to encourage more birds and wildlife to The Shropshire to not only protect our environment but make the courses a more interesting and beautiful place for golfers to visit."
The Shropshire has also welcomed back a family of swans who have set up home on the pond on the 7th hole of the Gold Course. It was a welcome sight for golfers and staff at The Shropshire who were left reeling in 2007 when a family of swans were shot dead by trespassers.
James Lever added: "Everybody was shocked and appalled when the swans were shot two years ago, so it has been great to see another family make The Shropshire their home."

Shropshire swans at the golf centre in shropshire
The family of swans who have set up home on the 7th hole of The Shropshire Golf Centre’s Gold Course.


Shropshire golf centre birdboxes Adrian Busby
Adrian Busby, Greenkeeper at The Shropshire Golf Centre fixes one of 16 nestboxes to be put up around the courses.