Having your office signs defaced is usually a bad thing. But staff at a Telford law firm could not help smiling when they saw it had happened to them - in a complimentary way.

Workers at PCB Solicitors, in Dawley, arrived at their High Street offices to discover a sticker slapped on their sign, above the firm's name.
This caused the sign to read: "When evil comes who you gonna call... PCB Solicitors."
Partner, Michael Surzyn, said: "It's not as if you encourage anyone to interfere with someone else's property, but I couldn't resist a small smile when I saw this. It looks like the residents of Dawley have great faith in their local solicitors!"
However the firm, which also has offices in Shrewsbury, Ludlow, Church Stretton and Knighton, has decided not to adopt the phrase for its official marketing and the sign has now been returned to normal.

pcb solicitors in dawley, telford, shropshire, The 'amended' sign outside PCB's Dawley officesCaption: The 'amended' sign outside PCB's Dawley offices.