Special visitor expected at Cosford Air Show on Sunday

Posted: 12/06/2009

Organisers of the 2009 Cosford Air Show are gearing up for the arrival of about 50,000 visitors to this weekend's event – and fingers are crossed for one special visitor to make an appearance.

The only Vulcan aircraft left flying in the world could be setting hearts racing at the show at RAF Cosford on Sunday(June 14).
The aeroplane needs to have flown at least once following its Winter service, which it has yet to do, but organisers of the show believe there is still time.
Roger Phillips, Assistant Air Show Co-ordinator, said: "We are still hoping , we are still waiting for it to fly following its Winter servicing, our fingers are crossed."
The Vulcan was designed in response to a specification issued in 1947; a four engine nuclear bomber was required as the Soviet Union made itself felt.
Avro's chief designer, Roy Chadwick, began an unusual design based on a delta wing concept and months later the design had been submitted and won the contest.
The design was changed before the familiar Vulcan layout was settled on; fins on the wingtips became a single conventional fin and the nose was extended along with the addition of a distinct fuselage section as opposed to the near-flying-wing idea originally envisaged.
Richard Clarke, spokesman for the Vulcan to the Sky Trust, the organisation which keeps the Vulcan in the air, said there were a number of reasons why the aircraft is so popular.
He said: "She is an iconic aircraft from the Cold War that helped during that dangerous period and she is the last one left flying in the world.
"She is very very popular as a display aircraft and the design of the aircraft, with the Delta wing, is a real show stopper.
"She is a real crowd pleaser, people have not seen her for so many years, or often never before and we increased air show crowds by 25 per cent last year whenever she flew, which proves how popular she is.
"We hope that all of the crowd at Cosford really enjoy the opportunity to see this iconic aircraft which has not been seen there for about 17 years."
A souvenir programme featuring information about the aircraft flying, display teams and the people involved in the day will be available for visitors to buy on the show ground.
Tickets for the show are available at local branch offices of the Shropshire Star, the Royal Air Force Museum at Cosford, branches of the Mid Counties Co-Operative Society, Tourist Information Centres in Birmingham (Rotunda), Stafford (Gatehouse Theatre) and Stoke (Victoria Hall).
Full information on the show can be seen on the air show web site – www.cosfordairshow.co.uk – or is available on the show information line at 0844 561 1897.

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Flight Lieutenant Huw Law(left) and Flying Officer James Whitlock with the 2009 Cosford Air Show programmes.