Could a future Apprentice of Sir Alan Sugar come from The Priory School?

Posted: 11/06/2009


As Director of Business & Enterprise for a Business & Enterprise College, I thought that students needed to have more time available to explore their entrepreneurial side.  Year 9 started their Business & Enterprise course in September 2008.  This was a tried and tested course, run twice successfully at The Priory School.


Students knew that the next 5 months was preparation for their Blue Skies Business Challenge. A challenge which would test their drive and determination, communication skills and identify whether they would have a chance at being Sir Alan Sugar's first Junior Apprentice!


Students took part in the Belbin personality test to see what type of worker they were. We had plenty of Shapers but not many Chairs!  From this they tested out their roles to see who they worked best with.  The next few months went by, learning about different key business concepts but most of all, developing their enterprise skills.


At the beginning of February, 163 students in Year 9 decided who they could work best with and picked their teams. Since then, they have produced a deed of partnership, a cash flow forecast and a business plan.  They have also calculated their break even, produced a sales forecast and sales targets have been produced for each staff member. 


We have a wide selection of products and services available.  Some examples are home grown herbs and flowers, homemade bags, wellie racks, handmade cards and candles, jewellery and beauty products, birdhouses, face painting, postcards, personalised pictures baby accessories and clothes, dog treats and accessories and even a coffee shop!


Students are now working hard to be ready for their event on Saturday 27 June 2009 at the West Mids Show. There are many awards up for grabs ranging from Most Entrepreneurial to Best Team and Best Marketing Campaign.  


The main aim for this Blue Skies Business Challenge is to prepare students for their lives ahead…to improve their enterprising skills.  I am sure though, that if you asked the students they would say that they are aiming to make as much as much profit as possible…although I'm not sure that Sir Alan would complain about that!



The priory school at the west mid show