Babyvision launches new medical screening service scan ultra

Posted: 28/05/2009

A Shropshire company, which provides pregnant women with a complete range of specialist pregnancy scans, has launched a new medical scanning service.

Scan Ultra is the latest offering Shrewsbury based Babyvision. General medical scans of the upper and lower abdomen, including gall bladder, liver and kidneys are available for men and women. However, Scan Ultra includes an aortic screening service, especially relevant to men over the age of 65.
Ruth Finch, director of Babyvision, who is also a qualified ultrasonographer, said: “The Government’s National Screening Committee has recommended that older men undergo an aortic screening examination to detect potential aneurysms. An aneurysm occurs when part of an artery bulges due to a damaged blood vessel or a weakness in the blood vessel wall. If the bulge increases in size, it is susceptible to rupture and has potential to be life-threatening.  However, the condition can be treated through early prognosis and a non-emergency operation. Anyone wanting to use the aortic screening service can self-refer. We have a highly experienced team, including a sonographer and consultant radiologist, to carry out the scanning procedures.”
People interested in the Scan Ultra service may book an appointment through their GP on 01743 709081 or online at  Prices start at £125 for an aortic scan and £165 for an abdominal scan.


baby vision scanning in shropshire 3d scanningPicture: Ruth Finch, director, Babyvision.