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Shropshire has a lot to offer, whether you enjoy visiting local beauty spots or historic sites, visiting our wide and varied range of shops, dining out with friends or want to take advantage of one of the many activities available, then Shropshire is the place for you!

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Whether you live in, are moving to or just visiting Shropshire this website is ideal for you.

We are the local website you visit for all and everything shropshire related.

Covering a wide range of areas we are the ultimate guide to Shropshire and all that lies therein.


We have a Shropshire business directory, constantly growing with all the very best local service providers in the area.

If you are moving to Shropshire We have covered all the bases, with quick access to removal companies, estate agents, local schools & ammenities.


Within Shropshire you will find many attractions including the Ironbridge Gorge museum, RAF Museum at Cosford, Shrewsbury Abbey, Cardingmill Valley, Severn Valley Railway and many Shropshire English Heritage Sites.


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